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23 Different Types of Vapes For Sale – Part 1 — Vapes For Sale

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23 Different Types of Vapes For Sale 
The Ultimate Guide
Part 1


There are so many different types of vapes for sale these days that it can be difficult to figure out where to even start! You might be asking yourself: what are vape pens? Box mods? How do they all work? How will they suit my lifestyle? These are some common questions for newcomers, and like most of you out there reading this, you’re not alone! There are a number of us from the VFS Team that can recall how hard it was to find information on all the different types of vapes for sale online when we first started as well.

Unfortunately there are so many gaps on the internet where information is unavailable, and so much inconsistency, that doing research yourself can be hopeless sometimes.

So, that’s where we come in.

We decided to do mankind a favor for the greater good, and it’s simple.

Help people make a smart buying decision.

So many sites, forums and shops are so concerned with getting you in front of their product lineup to buy something, that quite frankly, most do a sub par piss poor job at actually educating their buyers first!


We aggregated and gathered an incredible amount of content, sifted through the crap, pulled the best information, and put it all together to create the ultimate guide that explains all the different types of vapes for sale available for you to choose from today!

It truly is incredible how much variety there is, and how many types of vapes for sale there are these days when it comes to picking a product, and I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that the vaporizer market has absolutely begun to explode in the last few years.

Here at VFS we understand how important it is to choose the right vaporizer that fits your lifestyle. We couldn’t be happier to help you through this process because we understand how uncomfortable it can be scavenging the corners of the internet trying to find reliable content.

Everyone lives different lives from each other, and everyone has different vaping preferences. Or maybe you don’t even know your vaping preferences yet? That’s totally cool. The bottom line is it’s important to understand what you’re buying so you don’t end up with an unsuitable product that doesn’t fit into your daily routine!

This post will guide you through that process and help you make the smart decision.

The one that benefits you.

All we want are happy vapers, and it all starts with a little bit of helpful information. This way, you’re well informed about the variety of products available so you can make a smart buying decision when you’re ready!

Ben, a friend of mine, had once accidentally purchased a vaporizer without looking into the product much beforehand. He said he read a few things online, got it cheap from someone overseas and knew what he was doing.

What he didn’t realize when he ordered it was that he had purchased a tabletop herbal vaporizer instead of a portable e juice vaporizer. To top it all off it wasn’t even the real model. It turned out to be a counterfeit device he had bought from an unreliable seller.

This is a perfect example as to why you should do a bit of due diligence and do some simple research before purchasing a device.

We don’t want you to end up like Ben, (with the whole nine yards) having to go through the return process, or even worse get scammed.

That’s why we did all the heavy lifting for you guys.

There wasn’t any great content out there to help Ben throughout the entire buying process! Maybe if Ben had been able to find some good information initially he wouldn’t be in the situation he got himself into, right?

Good thing for Jim and everyone else that piece of content is here.

We want to fill the gap and provide an extensive guide on all the types of vapes for sale and provide the necessary introductory education that people need in order to make smart buying decisions down the road.

We’re confident that you’ll find everything you need below! We even sorted everything out in a table of contents to help you guys navigate through all the information quickly and easily.

Let’s Get Started.

Types of Vaporizers

I think the most important thing to understand first and foremost are that there are a variety of vaporizers that serve different purposes depending on the material you’re trying to vape. In other words, you can’t just vape herbs in a vaporizer meant for e juice or essential oils. You must know that this can severely ruin a device, and it’s important to understand the different types before making a purchase. What type of vaporizers are there? Well, let’s take a look Below.

Herbal Concentrate

Herbal Concentrate vapes are used to warm up, heat, and vaporize dry herb substances that have been ground up. Common examples of dry herb concentrate vapes are of devices which heat marijuana and tobacco products.

They work in a couple of ways, either through conduction or convection, that essentially heat up a chamber to a specific temperature usually before the combustion stages. The heat works to vaporize the substance that is externally attached to your dry herb concentrate without actually causing the substance to combust (catch fire).

They traps it in a compartment, which you’re then able to draw the vapor from, smoke free. The reason so many dry herb smokers love these is because they can get all the glory of smoking without all the smoking byproducts.

These Herbal Concentrate vapes generally use one of either two different methods to vaporize the material on the dry substance:


The process through which the material you’re trying to vape makes direct contact with the source of heat in your device in in order to extract the substances externally attached. This method can be quite unreliable.

This method tends to lead to frequent overheating and small forms of combustion. This causes small amounts of smoke as a byproduct which defeats the purpose of vaping in the first place. However, if careful, a good vaping experience can be achieved.


The process through which you pass heated air over your material in a chamber or funnel to extract the substances contained. This method is a much more modern approach to how vaporizers function.

Because the heating element never actually makes contact with your herbs, it eliminates a lot of the issues related to overheating the material resulting in combustion. This method ensures a steady, consistent stream of vapor and works quite effectively

Wax Concentrate

Wax Concentrate vapes are used to quickly vaporize wax substances at high temperatures for quick vaping. These vapes are usually specifically designed to have wax substances placed on them, and then within seconds of being heated vaporizes into a thick vapor that can be quickly inhaled through a few different methods.

Some common examples of wax concentrate vapes are known as rigs, although you can also vape wax in other common types of vaporizers as well. We do advise however to proceed with caution if you do decide to use a common vape.

Using wax in vapes not specifically designed to heat the substance can cause your device to get extremely dirty. In most cases it can make it incredibly difficult to clean, and can have some negative effects on both the device and your experience.

These types of devices work either through conduction or convection as well. There are a few different methods used to heat up wax. A couple that work well are by placing it in on either a piece of glass or a hot nail, and putting it near or directly on a heat source.

Another is by putting it on a platform and replicating similar heat sources as before. It heats up a chamber to a specific temperature and usually quite fast dissipates the wax into a vapor form. It traps it in a compartment, which you’re then able to draw the vapor from.

A few different types of sources that can be used to generate heat are either a torch, a lighter, or a mechanically heated fan or surface.

Most people who like these types of vapes specifically like using them for what is referred to as dabs. It’s a THC oil based liquid that’s extremely concentrated, and can be converted into other dried forms as well such as wax and shatter(a glass like dried version of THC oil) that can be used to vape.

E Juice/ E Liquid Concentrate

These vapes are specifically designed to vaporize either VG(vegetable glycerin) or PG(Propylene Glycol) oil based e juices and e liquids. These devices usually have some sort of a tank that you can place your substance into along with a coil that can be heated inside of it.

Some common examples of these types of vapes are pen mod and box mod style devices. We do advise that you only use e juices and e liquids in devices meant to vaporize them. Unlike THC based oil products, these concentrates are much easier to clean, however they can still have negative effects on devices not meant for liquids.

These devices work to vaporize your substance by pumping an electrical current up into the coil inside the tank. The current usually comes from a battery or wall-plug based power source, travels along a series of wires inside the device to heat the coil rapidly, and then vaporizes the surrounding liquid to be drawn instantly.

People sometimes prefer these devices over other vaping choices for a few reasons. One is because of how large of a variety of flavors there are, and another is an option to add variable amounts of nicotine concentration to those flavors as well.

Some people however just enjoy these types of devices because of how much vapor is produced. Certain devices can pump an incredible amount of power into the coils, which quickly vaporizes a ridiculous amount of liquid creating a ton of vapor to draw.

If you’re into trying out a variety of different flavors, a lot of smoke, or possibly enjoy nicotine products but don't want the byproducts from tobacco or smoke, then these types are good options. These devices typically aren’t used with dry herbs or THC based substances.

Essential Oil Concentrate

These devices are usually specifically designed to diffuse the oils rather than simply vaporize them. Diffusers work to evenly disperse micro fibers of the essential oils in the air which allows them to remain suspended for longer periods compared to conventional vaporizing.

The reason for this is because essential oils can become unstable at high temperatures, and this can disrupt the compound and ruin its therapeutic use. Unlike a conventional vaporizer, a diffuser uses an ultrasonic sound waves to vaporize the essential oils.

It’s actually quite amazing. You put your essential oils into a container on top of water initially. Eventually the device sends ultrasonic sound waves quickly across the inside of the chamber which vibrates the essential oil molecules sitting on the surface of the water.

The vibrations cause the oils across the surface to eventually break up, and the machine blows and evenly disperses the broken up compound around the room. This method doesn’t use any kind of heat, and is one of the safest ways of vaporizing today.

You can choose to nebulize essential oils as well, which means you can heat them up with devices that use coils.. However, as mentioned above, high temperatures can disrupt the chemical compound of the essential oils and potentially ruin their therapeutic benefits.

If you decide to go this route we recommend sticking to the ultrasonic essential oil vaporizers to preserve the compounds to get the full benefits from your product. These vaporizers are commonly used in households and can commonly be plugged into a wall outlet. There are some devices however that can operate on batteries as well.

They have an incredible amount of therapeutic benefits, and there’s certainly a massive selection of products similar to e juices and e liquid to suit anyone willing to try. Some people enjoy the health benefits of these oils, and recommend using them in a family household with several people.


There are plenty of options for multifunctional devices, and they can work through both convection or conduction

These types of vaporizers work to heat all types of concentrates, and typically are a very versatile option if you can’t decide on a specific device to buy. These devices aren’t the highest quality usually, and typically need several attachments to achieve a multipurpose function. For those that don’t need attachments, they tend to get very dirty very easily because of the mixture of substances you’re using.

Types of Heating Elements

Another necessary component you must understand when considering a vaporizer is the type of heating element used in the device. Not all devices are built equally, and it’s important to know what you’re paying for so you don’t get ripped off for poor quality material. There are generally 3 types of of heating elements used in vaporizer devices,


Glass is very commonly used heating element because of its ability to withstand high temperatures of heat. The glass doesn’t interact with your substance at all, and it doesn’t release any fumes when heated to high temperatures. A downside to glass is that it become brittle very fast if not handled with care. This can cause it to break, and result in having to replace it often.


Ceramic has been argued to be an effective alternative to glass and is another very common type of heating element. Ceramic can be heated up to upwards 3000 degrees before any gases are emitted from the substance. It is hard however to tell how much ceramic there actually is in each device.

There are no requirement to specify how much ceramic was used in the construction of the heating element’s mixture, and therefore anything with even a small amount of ceramic in the solution can be considered ceramic.

It’s tough to judge devices, but generally the cheaper stuff is usually not as safe and the stuff you want to steer clear of. They tend to have wires close to the heating element, and also don’t always use a lot of ceramic in their mixture. This can lead to your heating element actually heating the wires in the device and emitting toxins into your vapor.

Ceramic receives some bad facetime because of some poor quality devices, but there are a number of quality ceramic devices that can actually be quite clean and safe. If they have been constructed well, they may serve as a somewhat more accurate and durable alternative to glass.


Aluminum is what a lot of the top of the line vaporizers use these days. The reason for its popularity is because of how responsive the material is to heat. It has a very high boiling point at 1220 degrees, which means you won’t even come close to emitting toxins from the substance even after reaching maximum temperature outputs.

It’s also considered to be much more precise than ceramic, as the mixture of ceramic used as the heating element can vary by batch or product. Aluminum is very safe, and it can quickly and effectively pass current through its material resulting in a faster and more reliable heating procedure.


​Above we've detailed all of the different types of vaporizers, and all the different heating elements available. Everyone is different, based on lifestyle and personal preferences, and we recommend that you find the right the device that suits your vaping needs. Above we've broken down all the different types of concentrates you can consume using vaporizers, and all the different heating elements to assist in that manner. Hopefully you've been able to learn a thing or two, and we can't want to show you our next post!

Interested in checking out some devices now? Check out some of the best mods of the year by clicking below!

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  • December 29, 2016
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