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All The Different Vape Pen Parts: Description and Function [Infographic] — Vapes For Sale

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All The Different Vape Pen Parts:
Description & Function [Infographic]

Figuring out how vape pens work can be a confusing and frustrating task if you don't know where to start. These devices however aren't that complicated, so have no fear! Typically most people aren't familiar with how vapes function at all, and we recommend that people look into the devices they're using before operating them and to proceed with care! It's important that you understand the different vape pen parts if you decide to start using these devices. We understand that it can be pretty complicated to just try and explain everything through text though, so we went ahead and created an infographic detailing all the different vape pen parts and their function!

The image details a standard vape pen mod, which features more functionality and power than your average e-cigarette. An Ego style e-cig would just have a simple built in battery that you could screw a small tank onto. It would be similar to the device detailed below, however without the drip tip, larger tank, and OLED display.

vape pen parts

Vape Pen Parts Overview

Drip Tip

Prevents dripping from the top of the tank

The drip tip is primarily to prevent dripping from the top of the tank and to draw vapor from. This piece is typically removable and replaceable, and screws right onto the top of the tank to secure itself. This allows an open channel to inhale vapor from, while still preventing any leakage from the tank.

drip tip


Retains your e-juice, coil, and provides connection to mod

The tank's primary function is to encase your e-juice and coil, and to provide a safe and secure connection between the mod and your tank. Tanks are often composed of a cylinder piece of pyrex glass tightly secured by two metal pieces on the top and bottom of the glass. The top of the tank is usually where you re-fill your device from, and has the drip tip screwed into it to prevent leaking. The bottom part of the tank is where the coil sits, and also provides the threading underneath the tank to connect to your mod. These two metal pieces help securely fasten the tank together encasing your e-juice along with a coil to vaporize the liquid. Tanks come in all colors, shapes and sizes, and utilize a number of different coils to provide a personalized vaping experience. 


Vaporizes your e-juice

The coil is responsible for receiving the electric current your battery is outputting, and then vaporizing the juice it comes into contact with. The coil is usually made of aluminum metal, and contains cotton inside of it to soak up your e-juice. As more and more electricity runs from the battery through the metal, the coil will begin to heat up, and quickly start to vaporize the juice soaked in the cotton. Coils with low resistance allow more electricity to travel through them at once, providing more heat faster (vaporizing more juice more rapidly). Coils with a high resistance don't allow as much electricity to run through the metal, resulting in slower heating of the coil (less vapor).


Provides a secure connection between the tank and battery

The threading at the bottom of the tank is responsible for providing a secure and safe connection between the mod and the tank. The threading is a small protruding metal piece attached to the bottom of the tank, containing a twist-on metal screw-like head. It typically screws on, and connects to a pin in the mod. This secure connection provides a safe passage for the current to run from the battery to the coil. This is an extremely important part of the device because without a secure connection from the battery to the tank, your device won't function. 

Fire Button

Activates your device

Like most vaping devices, vape pens also utilize a simple one-button system who's main function is to power the device on and off, to lock and unlock the device, and to activate and fire the device. This button acts as the main source of control for the device. Most devices will turn on/off with 5 clicks of the button, and devices will lock and unlock typically with 3 clicks. When your device is unlocked and powered on, you can press and hold the activation button to fire the device and send electricity to the coil. Without this button, nothing else on the vape really matters if you can't activate it.

The Battery

Powers your device and supplies electricity

The battery is the element that contains and houses the electricity necessary to power and operate the device. Sometimes batteries come pre-installed in these devices, and sometimes they come sold separately. They provide a certain amount of voltage (V), current (A), total battery capacity (mAh), and come in a variety of brands and specs. The specs of the battery will determine how much power your battery can supply, how long it will last, and how fast the current can travel from the battery to the coil and back.

LCD Display

Shows various device control options and battery life

A handful of these devices contain an LCD, or in other cases often an OLED, that provide a visual display of your device settings. The screen provides a visual display of either temperature controls or variable wattage/voltage controls, and battery life. The screen allows the user to tinker and change their device settings precisely providing customizeable vapor production, and power management.

USB Charge

Port to charge your device

The USB port on a vape pen is typically used to charge the device through either a micro or mini USB adapter. When available, this feature provides an outlet which the user can connect the device to a power source to charge it. A handful of devices sometimes provide a feature which allows the user to upgrade the software, and customize their vaping experience even further.


We hope you enjoyed this beautiful looking infographic we threw together of all the different vape pen parts, along with a description of each part. Like we mentioned in the beginning, figuring out how vape pens work can sometimes be frustrating and confusing. However we think our infographic and guide above does a great job at simplifying everything! Vape pens are excellent devices for people looking to start vaping or for people looking to get a portable and sleek vaping solution.

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  • January 1, 2017
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