The Best Vape Tank For Flavor

best vape tank for flavor

Sometimes it can be pretty tough and confusing to find the right vape tank, and especially one that provides great flavor. There are so many products out there today that most people don't even know where to start. Thankfully if you’re looking for the best vape tank for flavor, then we've got the perfect piece for you. Introducing the Vaporesso Target Pro Ccell Tank with signature ceramic coils. This tank is absolutely crazy, and provides the most amazing flavor out of any tank on the market right now. In this post we detail its features, and explain why it's one of the best tanks on the market available for you to order today, let's dive in!

How to find the best vape tank for flavor?

When looking at the best vape tanks for flavor, there are a few things you'll want to take into consideration beforehand. You'll want a tank that has a tighter airflow, can handle sub-ohm resistances and moderate wattage output, and utilizes cotton-filled ceramic coils! Every tank and device is slightly different, however typically tanks that have these characteristics produce excellent flavor. That being said, every juice has its own "sweet spot", and different elements in your mixture will come out at different settings. So don't be discouraged if you don't get the result you want right away, play around with your settings a little.

Resistance = First off you're going to want to have a tank that can vape at sub-ohm temperatures (resistance below 1 ohm). By having a tank that can handle sub-ohm resistances, you'll be able to vape at higher temperatues which will provide more vapor production at your disposal. By having more vapor production, it allows the user to taste more of the flavor as more vapor is produced and exhaled.

Wattage = Like any tank, having a reatively good wattage range is always necessary. If the wattage range on your tank is limited, you'll be limited in how much you can customize the temperature and outpt from your device. Remember what we mentioned above, not all juices vape the same! Having the ability to customize your vaping experience in any way you want will allow you to find the sweet spot in all your juices and mods.

Coil Type = When considering which tanks produce the best flavor, it's honestly a no brainer that ceramic cotton-filled coils take the prize. Not all coils utilize a cotton-fill system, and over the past few years many manufacturers have gravitated toward Japanese organic cotton. The reason for this is because they soak juice the best, provide little to no added taste, and bring out the favors in the juice much better. The other main factor is the utilization of ceramic in the coil! The reason for this is because of 

Wick Type = You'll want to buy a tank that utilizes organic Japanese cotton in its coils. Not all coils utilize a cotton-fill system, and over the past few years many manufacturers have gravitated toward organic Japanese cotton. The reason for this is because they soak juice the best, provide little to no added taste, and bring out the favors in the juice much better.

Air Flow = Lastly, another one of the most important factors in flavor production is how tight the air flow is on your tank. Typically devices that have a wider and more open air flow cool the vapor much more, and mute the flavor as more air is inhaled. Tanks that utilize much tighter air flows usually produce much better flavor. This is because there is much less air entering the chamber as you inhale, creating a "mouth-to-lung-hit" feel. By not allowing as much air to enter the chamber, the temperature of the vapor you're inhaling increases a little and provides much denser vapor for you to taste much easier.

There are only a handful vape tanks on the market that meet all these specifications, however there are plenty of tanks that provide some great taste that don't meet these as well. Although Vaporesso is a relatively new brand in comparison to the rest of the industry, they've been absolutely killing it with the products they've been releasing. People have been falling in love with their ceramic style tanks, and people absolutely rave about the flavor that they can produce, and we can vouch.

That’s why we picked the Vaporesso Target Pro Ccell Tank as the best vape tank for flavor. It has demonstrated that it has the perfect mixture of the qualities specified above.


  • .2Ω & .9Ω Coil Resistance
  • 75W
  • cCell Ceramic Coils
  • Porous Ceramic Organic Japanese Cotton Coil
  • 2.5 mL Capacity
  • Tight Airflow
  • No-Spitback
  • Reduced Dry-Hits
  • Top-Fill Design

4.77 / 5

Vaporesso Target Pro cCell Tank Features:

.2Ω & .9Ω Coil Resistance

The Vaporesso Target Pro Tank comes with two cCell Ceramic coils with an SS wire in the middle. One has a resistance of .5 ohms, the other has a resistance of .6 ohms. The tank can also use Kanthal(.9 ohms) and Nickel(.2 ohms) coils if you desire that come separately to provide a slightly different vaping experience. By having a tank that can handle sub-ohm resistance's, it really allows you to vape at the proper temperatures, and to get the right amount of vapor production to get the full taste of the juice.

75 Watts

The different coils allow different wattage ranges which can provide a vaping experience up to 75W. Having a tank that can handle relatively high wattage is essential if you're trying to bring out the true taste in your juice. The perfect wattage to have this tank on is 35W. This ensures that the tank isn't overheating and is using the ceramic coils at the correct temperature without cooking the SS wire too hot too fast.

Porous cCell Ceramic Coils w/ Organic Japanese Cotton

Vaporesso has a revolutionized ceramic coils with their new porous, SS wire, organic Japanese cotton ceramic coil structure. They truly provide the best taste out of any coil in the industry right now. The reason for this is because they don't use the cotton to absorb and vaporize the juice, which can lead to the cotton tainting the taste and burning easily. They have a ceramic coil with holes on the outside, with a organic Japanese cotton wall along the inside, and the SS wire suspended in the middle. This design allows the juice to make its way to the wire without having the taste tainted at all along the way. It truly is industry changing.

2.5 mL Tank Capacity w/ Top-Fill Design

The Pro model now utilizes a top-fill design with easy holes for refilling, however has a slightly smaller tank capacity sitting at 2.5mL. Although it's a little bit smaller, this tank doesn't kill your juice which is fantastic, therefore not requiring you to have a huge tank. It provides an adequate sized tank for how much power you'll be outputting, and boasts a sleek and smooth metallic finish.

Tight Airflow

The Target Pro has a dual slot adjustable airflow design that can be adjusted to provide a good mouth-to-lung hit, as well as a hit that has a slightly wider airflow. Its important however that if you want more taste to utilize the tighter airflow option. This will create slightly thicker and warmer vapor, which will bring out the flavors in the vapor much more.

No Spitback & Reduced Dry-Hits

Unlock its older version, this version has been improved to prevent spitback and dry hits from the coil. Spitback is when the hot juice spits up the airflow valve to your lips, and burn hits are when the SS wire isn't being lubricated well enough. With the new porous organic cotton coil system, you'll experience much less of both inconveniences. This will provide you with much more of a comfortable vaping experience while still getting all the flavor you desire.


  • User friendly
  • Incredible Taste
  • Good amount of vapor at low wattage
  • Porous Ceramic Coils
  • Easily replaceable coils
  • Small and sleek
  • Provides very tight lung hit draw
  • No more spitback
  • Reduced dry-hits


  • Ceramic takes time to break in
  • Only good under 40W


​Above we've detailed what we think is the best tank for flavor available right now. There are plenty of other options for tanks that can provide you with with slightly different specs, however from experience we feel the Vaporesso Target Pro cCell Tank provides the best flavor out of any tank available.It's user-friendly and provides incredible taste. Utilizes easily replaceable porous ceramic cCell Coils. Provides a tight draw mouth-to-lung hit for people who like to smoke, or ex-smokers, and has a small and sleek metallic design that goes well with a number of mods.  

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