The Best Vape Mod For Clouds

best vape mod for clouds

There are so may powerful mods around the market now it can be difficult to figure out which is the best vape mod for clouds. We think however there is one mod that separates itself from the rest. The SMOK H-Priv 220W is an absolute monster, and paired with a great tank this box can produce pure cotton clouds. It looks incredible, has excellent functionality, and fits perfectly in your pocket. There's not much to hate with this sweet box mod, so let's check out why below.

What To Look For in a Mod?

When analyzing what the best vape mod for clouds is, you’ll want to look into a few different device specs. Power and wattage output, resistance range, device build quality, and device safety.  When you're going for serious clouds you're going to need some serious hardware. You'll want a device that provides high power output, a low resistance range, quality box build, and plenty of safety features. 

Power (Watt) = Power is typically measured in watts, and is an indicator of how powerful a device is and how much power it can output. Power I would say is pretty important when trying to find the best vape mod for clouds. Although there are very few tanks that can actually support the highest ranges of wattage, the higher output devices can typically handle almost any setting you desire.

Resistance (Ohm) = Resistance for a device is an indicator of how quickly it can let power and electricity pass through the mod. It's also an indicator of what tanks the mod can support. Resistance for a device is a big factor in vapor production and therefore is also very important. In order to vape at a higher power, you need to eventually migrate to sub ohm resistance levels. In order to achieve these sub ohm levels you need a box that supports those power and resistance levels, and you also need to have a tank that supports those power and resistance levels.

Device Build Quality = Power- Device build is a measure of the quality of materials used on the device shell, buttons, and internal components. Considering you'll probably be using high power output and low resistance levels when vaping, you'll definitely want hardware that can handle everything going on in that little device. You'll also want a device that can go the distance and last you a little while before the hardware goes bad.

Safe & Reliable = You want to be careful when considering devices this powerful; you want to make sure your device is from a safe and reliable brand, and that it has some automatic safety features to ensure protection at all times. You dont want to be messing around with unreliable devices when vaping at such high power. You want to make sure you stick with solid reputable brands that provide a variety of safety features.

The reason we picked the H-Priv as the best vape mod for clouds is because we checked it out first hand and we absolutely love it! This mod looks sweet, feels sweet, is easy to use, has tons of features and functionality, a ton of power, a low resistance range, is safe and reliable, and absolutely chucks clouds. It has demonstrated through our criteria above and personal experience that it provides users with industry leading cloud production while still maintaining a simple and incredible look, quality build, and compact size.


  • 220W : High Power
  • 0.06Ω - 3Ω : Low Resistance Range
  • TC & VW Controls
  • Top-OLED Display
  • Zinc Alloy Frame : Solid Build
  • Cool Red Triangle Side Fire
  • Safe & Reliable 
best vape battery

4.9 / 5

SMOK H-Priv Features

220W : High Power

The SMOK H-Priv comes packed with a wattage range of 6W-220W. It can be used with virtually any atomizer or RTA tanks, and provides more than enough power to produce a ton of vapor . Twist on the right tank, pump this bad boy up and let it rip. You'll be filling rooms in no time.

0.06Ω - 3Ω : Low Resistance Range

The H-Priv box mod has a low resistance range, being able to handle .3 ohms to 3 ohms. By having a device that can handle such low resistances, this allows the user to use virtually any tank with the mod. The device is therefore capable of handling higher amounts of power and producing larger amounts of vapor.

If you're looking to get serious we would recommend going after the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank Here.

Temperature Control(TC) & Variable Wattage(VW)

This device offers both a Temperature Control Mode and Variable Wattage Mode. By having all the power and temperature customization functions you need, you can tinker with your vaping experience and fine tune it enough to get the perfect vape for yourself! This allows you to experiment a little bit to try out where you can produce the most vapor with different tanks.

Zinc Alloy Frame : Solid Build

The H-Priv utilizes a solid metal, zinc alloy build that has a firm and heavy feel to it. It provides plenty of safety for the internal components of the device, and will protect the user from any activity going on inside the device at all times. The device is smooth, and provides a cool embedded side trigger that functions very nicely with the mod. All the buttons are built in firm, and this device should last you for quite some time.

Safety and Reliability

SMOK offers a variety of automatic safety features in their H-Priv model that keep you safe at all times:

  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognition
  • Puff Monitoring System
  • 12 seconds Cut-Off
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-Heating Protection
  • Low-Battery Warning


​If you're looking for the best vape mod for clouds, the SMOK H-Priv is definitely the winner you're going to wanna pick up today! This device meets all our standard criteria, and it checks out first-hand. The H-Priv is smooth, sweet, and has an ergonomic and solid design. It provides tons of features and functionality, a ton of power, and a low resistance range. SMOK is a reliable brand that provides safe and high performance devices, and has hit it out of the park again with the H-Priv mod. It has demonstrated through our criteria above and personal experience that it provides users with industry leading cloud production while still maintaining an incredible look, quality build, and compact size.

Pick Up Your SMOK H-Priv Kit Here!

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