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Are you sick and tired of going to sketchy and generic classified ads that don’t provide a great space to sell your vape gear in? These usually consist of unreliable users, fake products, and a small community to buy and sell from unfortunately.

Well if you're looking for the best place to buy/sell your used vape gear, we’ve got a fantastic solution for you. We’re happy to introduce an incredible resource exclusive to the vape community that provides a centralized location to buy and sell all types of new and used vape gear: The Vape Trader.

Who Are They?

The Vape Trader is a niche classified ad website similar to craigslist, but specifically for vape related equipment. They allow users in the U.S., and in other countries where vaping is legal, to advertise vape equipment they wish to buy, sell, or trade.

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How Does it Work?

The Vape Trader provides a community for users to buy, trade and sell their used vape gear as long as they meet the minimum tobacco age requirements in their state or country. Accounts are free to create, and ads are free to post as well. Users sign up, post an ad, and wait for it to be approved by Vape Trader staff.

Once your ad is posted, buyers/sellers in the community will contact you via your preferred contact method for you to arrange a transaction. Payment method and shipping arrangements must be discussed the between buyer and seller. Once you’ve arranged payment and shipping details, you can go ahead and follow through with the rest of the transaction and report the item as sold on your account!

What Makes Them The Best?

For starters there really aren’t any other dedicated communities to resell vaporizer gear online. Not only do these guys provide a unique and safe platform, they also offer direct buying, consignment programs, international ad sales and more:

Direct Buying

Want to receive cash right now? The Vape trader currently runs a buyback program where they will send you an offer based on the condition and description of your item. If you accept the offer, you’ll pay for shipping and send in your device. Once the Vape Trader receives the item and confirms the condition they’ll release the agreed upon payment.

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consignment program

Consignment Program

This program is a fantastic option for people who don’t know much about reselling, or don’t want to go through the trouble.

You can send your vape gear to the Vape Trader, and on your behalf their staff will sell your gear at a 35% commission fee from the total sale. Typically you’ll earn more selling your gear this way rather than just selling it to Vape Trader for them to flip around.

Ad Classifieds Worldwide

Classified ads are available outside of the US & Canada, click below to see a full list of available countries.

sell vapes worldwide

Interactive Ad Listing Map

Easy to use interactive google map with icon pins to easily find the right device closest to you.

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Refined Search & Sorting

Easily find exactly what you’re looking for with a wide range of categories and sorting options to choose from.

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category of vapes
filter for vapes

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Franchise Opportunities

Looking to start a similar business? Well you're in luck because the Vape Trader offers franchising opportunities worldwide to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Avoid the headaches of a startup and start using a proven and reputable brand and business model today!

Is It Safe & Reliable?

As with all classified advertising platforms, there is always some risk involved when dealing with users online you might not know. It’s important to be cautious, and carefully vet your buyer’s and seller’s properly to avoid fraudulent and dishonest users. Vape Traders heavily encourages the community to contact them regarding any suspicious activity to help keep everyone safe.

With this in mind Vape Traders does an excellent job at mitigating some of the fraudulent and suspicious activity in their community by doing a few things:

trustworthy vape classifieds
  • Geo IP Matching Protocol - if IP address doesn't match location on ad, the ad will not be approved
  • Staff manually approve ads to reduce fraudulent activity
  • They have a buyer and seller rating system similar to Uber's to help vet users
  • People can publicly comment on the ad listings, which are reviewed by Vape Trader staff
  • They are very strict on ads that get flagged, 2 flags and the ad gets removed
  • Certain countries, such as Nigera, which are notorious for scams, have been restricted access to the platform completely to avoid typical fraudulent activity

Why They're Perfect For You

The Vape Trader is the most active and popular online vape resale community out there. They typically see over 1000 visitors a day looking to buy, sell, or trade vape mods and vape equipment. If you list your ad properly and price it competitively, there is a very good chance you will get offers on your vape gear.

They are an incredibly unique platform, well run, and simple to use. They are the leading online vaping resale website, and provide users with the best opportunity to resell their gear or purchase some used equipment at great prices. And they do what they can to limit the risk involved with arranging transactions online to help make your life easier.

Next time you need some cash, are looking to get rid of some old gear, looking to upgrade, or just try something different, give the Vape Trader a try, we know you won't be disappointed!

Click below to get started at the Vape Trader to post an ad or get a free quote today!

  • April 22, 2017
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