You're probably somebody who:

  • ​Wants to learn more about electronic vaporizers
  • Doesn't know what to buy
  • Doesn't know where to buy
  • Is using vaping as an alternative
  • Has struggled to find reliable and quality information

If this describes you in some way, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

We created this site because we’ve been there before. We understand how hard it is to find reliable information online and learn the ins and outs of the hobby. So we wanted to create a reliable, trustworthy and free platform where everyone can learn!

Vapes For Sale is a committed community of vapers trying to provide free information on electronic vaporizers and all things related. Our goal is to educate people everywhere, and increase the global awareness of this amazing hobby that so many smokers have turned to to quit!

What are we known for?

We're known for our friendly and accepting community, always providing help no matter where you're at in your journey.

We're known for our free, reliable, and trustworthy information that allow people to learn more at their own pace, and make smart buying decisions.

And lastly we're known for all the money we save our community members by providing great coupons and discounts on some incredible devices.

People from everywhere around the world always know that they're welcome within our community, and that we foster a​ friendly and welcoming environment.

No matter what level of vaper you are, this community was built to support everyone, and help the vaping culture continue to grow.

Why did we start VFS?

Back in 2015 our comapny set out to improve the quality of information online surrounding electronic vaporizers, and shed some more light on the hobby.

Our goal has been to create a reliable and trustworthy brand, and a community people can turn to for answers no matter what vaping class they are in.​

We believe that by helping everyone it will only continue to contribute to the massive growth the vaping culture is already experiencing!

What you'll find here:

  • Beginner to Advanced Blog Content
  • Beginner to Advanced Device Reviews
  • Beginner to Advanced Text & Video Guides
  • Accessory & Juice Reviews
  • Discounts & Industry News

From the perfect starter kits to individual mods; guides on DIY e juice to how to customize vapor production; an assortment of quality juices to a closet-full of device accessories. We give you the pros and the cons, the hows and the whys, to help you learn and decide much easier and much faster.

Whether you’re a newbie, an avid vaper, or just someone looking for an alternative to cigarettes or other tobacco products, we got you covered.

Our site serves as a free source of information that is solely meant to provide value to our readers. We provide a variety of content evenly distributed over time to tailor to different interests within our community, so make sure to enter your e-mail below to receive some free stuff from us!


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